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Call Magic (12)
File Size: 22KB
Update Time: 2010-09-13
Description:     Call Magic : Answer incoming calls to your phone automatically and/or listen to what is happening around your phone. This ground breaking technology is the only one of a kind solution in the mobile industry!. This solution is 100% software based and does not require any hardware tweaking. Call Magic will enable you to answer incoming calls from a pre-defined number at zero ring, i.e. the phone will answer the call automatically without a ring! Every time you call your phone from the pre-defined number, the phone will answer the call without a single ring! After the call is picked up then you can hear what is happening in the surrounding of the phone. After Installation Call Magic allows your phone to have three answer modes -- Reject All, Hands-free and Answer One. In Answer One Mode you can set a pre-defined number and select the number of rings after which the phone should auto-answer. No further user interaction is required. If you selected, zero rings then next time a call is made to your phone from the pre-defined number, your phone will automatically answer it. No rings, it simply answers! Magic! You can also enter a sequence of digits for automatic pickup. For eg. If you were to set the Incoming Number as 543, then any incoming call that would contain this sequence would get auto-answered. In Hands free Mode the user can select the number of rings after which ALL incoming calls will be automatically answered. Reject All Mode will reject ALL incoming calls and send a busy signal to the caller. The caller and you will not be charged for the call. Our software makes the Network Provider send a busy signal to the calling party. Call Magic does not require constant activation after the phone is switched on. Call Magic is a Pure Software Solution and starts up automatically when the phone is switched on.
  Call Magic (12)