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mOcean v3.2.3

File Size: 2400KB
Update Time: 2009-04-06
Description:     mOcean is a free application for your Treo and Centro smartphone which allows you to enjoy your music, photos, videos, audiobooks, podcasts and internet radio with a flick of a finger. Free, ad-supported version of mOcean will display only a small banner at the top of the screen. If you dont want to have banners, you can buy an activation code and use mOcean without ads. mOcean 3 is the latest, most innovative multimedia player for the Palm platform. Not only does mOcean play music with a slick, stylish and easy to use interface, but mOcean will also play videos, display photo albums, play audiobooks, internet radios, podcasts and much more. There are many wonderful features you will find as you explore the depths of mOceans abilities. Enjoy it all and always with a flick of a finger. Now that you can sync your music with iTunes on Windows or Mac, download and play videos, audiobooks, podcasts, internet radios and browse your pictures, the whole world is your theatre.
  mOcean v3.2.3