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Live Cams (Webcam Pan Tilt Zoom)

File Size: 1621KB
Update Time: 2009-07-20
Description:     There is no better app to show off your new iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch! Sit on your couch or pump gas while you view and control live CCTV video cameras around the world (or your own webcam)! Knock-offs are starting to appear in the app store, but this is the ORIGINAL! Unsure if you want to purchase? See the demo video on YouTube by searching for "Live Cams iPhone Application Demo" or link to: TOP 100 Utility in 58 of 62 countries! 8/10 (Editor s Pick) on "This is one of the most intriguing and imaginative apps Ií»ve seen yet for the iPhone" - from a massive review at Hear the latest audio interview with Barry by searching the internet for "Interview Me Podcast" and "Barry Egerter"
  Live Cams (Webcam Pan Tilt Zoom)