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Sitting Yoga 1.1

File Size: 1136KB
Update Time: 2009-03-15
Description:     Traditionalists probably wouldnot approve of learning yoga moves from a handheld computer, but for office workers looking for help stretching, this little download isnot bad. More of an e-book than an actual software application, it offers a yoga exercise guide focusing on moves that can be performed in a chair. To view the visuals, users will need a flash player on their PDA. The trial version offers visuals for only half the exercises. It certainly wonot be a substitute for finding a real yoga instructor, or even for occasionally getting out of that office chair, but cubicle dwellers feeling a bit stiff around the joints may find this download well worth a try. # Operating Systems: Windows Mobile 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition, Pocket PC 2002
  Sitting Yoga 1.1