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Emtube S60 V3 v 1.0.10
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Emtube S60 V3 v 1.0.10

File Size: 548KB
Update Time: 2009-03-22
Description:     1. Overview emTube application allows you to search, download, manage favorites and view videos on YouTube. 2. Installation A sis file (emTube_S60_3_0_v_1_0_2.sisx ) is provided and it contains all files and additional libraries you will need to run emTube. There is no special version for N95 anymore. Instead emTube checks if an accelerometer is available and uses it if your phone has one. To install emTube transfer the sis file to your phone and then follow the on-screen instruction. 3. Main view The screenshot above shows the application after it has been started. From there you
  Emtube S60 V3 v 1.0.10