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FlowChat - Mobile IRC Client on Steroids

File Size: 1715KB
Update Time: 2009-07-20
Description:     FlowChat is by far the most elegant and advanced internet chat (IRC) client for the iPhone and iPod Touch. FlowChat combines a gorgeous interface with an extensive feature list that rivals that of most desktop chat clients. Upload and share photos and screenshots immediately with your friends, type in either portrait or landscape mode, visit links and browse the web without leaving FlowChat using the embedded web browser, receive tappable Growl-style message alerts, autocomplete commands, channel names and nicknames, use one of the 5 bundled themes or create and install your own on-the-go, manage user and channel modes, or even get down and dirty with an unfiltered console view. And all of this from a sleek and elegant interface designed by professionals committed to bringing you the best possible internet chatting experience.
  FlowChat - Mobile IRC Client on Steroids