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File Size: 1610KB
Update Time: 2009-08-19
Description:     This application contains quick links to Puerto Rico, US and Europe news, technology information, sport and Hurricane news Imagine, if you have 5 min between one meeting and another, you can quickly access daily news and still be in contact with the external world!! It also provide one touch dial to main emergency Depts such as: 911, Fire and Police Dept, Poison Center and other important agencies such as DACO, Family Dept, ARPE. It also allows you to review available jobs within PR and US, see your horoscope, track PR lottery, keep in touch with PR events, such as: upcoming concerts, cultural and sport events, movies information and more!! In addittion, the map feature supports you while driving with streets and avenues but it also identifies you nearest gas stations, ATMs/banks, food providers, and hospitals. A great help when you are traveling out of your town! If you are a busy person, this application provides you quick information and features in just one spot... Coqui, Coqui!